New Accessible Website for Charity

The Brief

With an existing website starting to show its age there was a clear need for a fresh new website. With the original website pre-dating the current era of flexible page layouts, we proposed that the new website would be something that the in-house team could maintain via the CMS and allow them to put together pages that worked with the available content and not against it.

What We Did

Starting with a review of the existing website, content, and peer websites we designed some concepts that addressed the needs of the charity whilst allowing for the varying types of unknown content that would no doubt be added at some point during the lifetime of the website. The final design choices were made by the client and then built by us to work across all devices, browsers, platforms, and screen sizes. As the charity supports those with brain injuries it was imperative that all aspects of the design achieved W3C Standards for accessibility.

The Results

The end result is something that the volunteers at the charity now have full control over. They no longer need to request changes or adapt their content for the website templates, but can instead insert the necessary areas and components needed to let them share their content.

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