A Comprehensive Rebrand and Website Revamp for Expanding into New Markets

The Curry Sauce Co.


Red Ant Solutions worked with an existing client seeking to expand its presence into the foodservice sector. The project entailed a comprehensive review of the existing brand and website, followed by the design and implementation of a reimagined, visually appealing, and user-friendly platform that catered to both consumer and foodservice customers. The result was an overwhelmingly positive response from the client and its customers, leading to plans for further collaboration and growth in the foodservice market.

The Challenge

Our client had an established online presence, built by Red Ant Solutions several years prior. However, with significant growth in the consumer side of their business and changes in their product offerings, it was time to revitalise their brand and broaden their reach to tap into the potential foodservice market.

Our Approach

To address the client's objectives, our team initiated a comprehensive analysis of their existing brand and website. We conducted market research to identify emerging trends and opportunities in the foodservice sector. Armed with these insights, we crafted a strategic plan to develop a revitalised website that would seamlessly blend the client's brand values with the needs of their expanding target audience.

The Solution

We created a visually engaging, content-rich, and user-friendly website tailored to both consumer and foodservice clients. The new platform included a secure area specifically designed for foodservice customers to purchase larger format products with ease. By integrating the client's refreshed brand identity and aligning it with their growth strategy, we provided an online presence that effectively showcased their products and services while catering to their diverse customer base.

The Results

The revamped website generated glowing feedback from both the client and their customers. At the time of writing, we are actively discussing plans to further support the growth of our client's foodservice operations through additional marketing services offered by Red Ant Solutions. Stay tuned for an inspiring success story in the making!

Client Testimonial

“Looks great! We are already getting great feedback from the customers. Thanks for the hard work and for making the project run smoothly.”

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