Take a look at how we supported Bahlsens re-brand and awareness build.

Re-brand and Brand Awareness Campaign.

The Brief

To support Bahlsens the Biscuit companies re-brand and awareness build we were asked to adapt and edit existing promotional videos to a range of major supermarkets exact specifications, altering aspect ratios, frame rates and duration, while adding new elements.

What We Did

Firstly we worked on a base video for both biscuit variants, establishing style, size and position of the additional new elements as well as location and sequence within the time line. Once approved we rolled this style out for all the supermarkets.

The Results

An on-brand video promoting and raising awareness of new packet style to existing and potential consumers at the major brands of supermarket.

Key Facts
  • Resized videos as per each supermarkets specifications
  • Adapted frame rates as overall duration required
  • Edited video to include new elements while maintaining core design style
Technical Details
  • Re-brand
  • Brand awareness
  • Video editing

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