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With the need to keep a wide range of social media profiles populated with relevant content whilst dealing with the day to day demands of a successful and growing business is a challenge for anyone and so our client turned to us for help. With us already successfully managing their Search Engine Marketing (SEO and AdWords) we were asked to do the same for their social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.


We started by reviewing their existing campaign and from that agreed a new social media strategy. Following this, we developed an integrated content marketing plan covering all of the channels and working with the rest of the digital marketing mix for a consistent message and to help ensure a strong campaign. The plan would ensure that there was an appropriate mix of content for the audiences identified and that the channels were kept populated all year round.


The client's channels now contain more, relevant and engaging content which appeals to all audiences at all times rather than when there was available time. Prospective clients and architects are informed of the range available, the product's features and benefits and the advantages of purchasing from our client. With the content schedule, we are able to promote key seasonal messages and their presence at important trade shows, therefore, providing a useful service to the prospective customers and ensuring the channels deliver useful content all year round.

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