Email Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes the best way to reach out to people is to send an e-mail.

That’s where Red Ant Solutions come in. We do email and we do it really well!

We use our own bespoke email management system and create templates specific to your needs so you can customise your email according to both what you want to say and also who you want to say it to.

We test it meticulously so that we know it will it work correctly with every major email client. We know that when an e-mail has got your name at the top it needs to be perfect.

We then get you completely set up, emails ready to go and leads ready to turn into clients.

Finally, we offer full data reporting so you know what works and what needs improvement which means that each and every e-mail campaign you do should be better than the last.

Take a look at work below or find out more about our Email Marketing Services.

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