What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a nifty way of showing an ad (usually on the Google Display Network or Facebook) to someone that has previously visited your website. Clever stuff, especially as you may have spent a lot of your marketing budget on getting them there in the first place. For example, you sent them an email, called them or they clicked on a Paid Advert or even on an organic search query. There is a business cost associated with all of these and surely it makes sense to maximise on the value of that initial click by appealing to them to come back?

Remarketing ads can be image or text, depending on where they are displayed and can even be tailored to the web page that they visited. Most people reading this have probably seen a personalised remarketing ad from the likes of Amazon, Dell or eBay all enticing you back to make that purchase you nearly made during your lunch break.

Are there limitations? Well, the cookies used to operate all this technical wizardry are device based so when multiple users, such as a household, share a device, the intended viewer may not be the one that sees your ad. In fact that is one of the reasons that Google limits when you can use remarketing such as ads involved in personal health, adult or negative themes.

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23 February 2017