Surrey Marketing Agency Work Experience

Surrey Marketing Agency Work Experience


My Week at Red Ant Solutions


This week I have been participating in my school’s work experience programme, and for that I chose to spend my week working at Red Ant Solutions, a full service marketing company based in Godalming and owned by John Giles. It was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable week of which I’ve genuinely acquired useful experience from.

The week began with being introduced to John and the rest of the staff, before I was informed of Health and Safety and the plan for the week. I was to work alongside a different member of staff every day, whose roles ranged from web design to managing stock at the warehouse. My favorite part of the week was seeing the stages it takes to create a website and how each person has a specific role in contributing towards the end product.

Overall I found that the staff were friendly and easy to talk to, and that there’s a real sense of community in the office. It was a pleasure to work here and if the opportunity ever arose to take part in work experience again, I would hope that I would get the chance to work at Red Ant Solutions again.

by Fraser

19 July 2013

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