Make it Count with our 5 top tips for your Social Media Campaign!

2017 has arrived and as a consequence social is becoming more competitive and consistently changing. To ensure you stay on top of your social media campaigns we have compiled 5 top tips to keep you up-to-date with those ever changing trends that give you the edge over the competition:

1. Content

Fresh, innovative, regular and shareable. Four words which are vital to any social media content post. Content that is steadily changing on a regular basis will encourage your audience to take note. However, this content must be shareable. “What does shareable mean?” I hear you say. Simply put, ensure you include engaging images and relevant links that entice your audience to share your content to their network.

2. Optimise your Networks

As social media becomes an integral part of our everyday life from the moment we wake up to when we say good night, there couldn’t be more reason to ensure your networks are fully optimised. Whether you are currently active on Facebook or Twitter, it is just as important to research other valuable platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. For your social media efforts to flourish you need to spread your message where your audience are most active. This means analysing your current channels and ensuring they match the audience you are aiming to reach. Most importantly don’t be afraid to take the plunge and abandon a network that doesn’t match your marketing preferences over one that does.

3. Content Strategy

A well-known fact in the history of social media marketing is that a content strategy is vital in the path to success. Regular posts at the optimum frequency really do make the difference when opting for those all-important results. However, this is neither possible nor successful without a well implemented, relevant and dependable content strategy. Here at Red Ant Solutions, we pride ourselves on planning and preparation in all aspects of our work and with social it couldn’t be more vital. Our top tip for a unique content strategy is to begin the foundations early to avoid any mishaps, allowing you to find that balance between quality and quantity.

4. Things to Avoid

You can read tens of thousands of things of what is right in all that is social to propel your campaign forward for 2017 but there is a fine line of what not to do.

SPAM – don’t post too regularly. This will only have a negative effect on the loyalty of your customers to your brand.

DON’T FORGET TO POST – I know we just mentioned not to post too regularly but it can be just as easy to forget altogether! Ensure you are social by updating your channels regularly and look professional whilst doing it.

NEGLECTING YOUR AUDIENCE – Your audience likes to be acknowledged whether it is through a direct message, retweet or response to a comment. All of the above are vital in building your business and rapport with customers. Don’t forget to stay in contact and let your customers know you are listening.

5. Paid Social

Social isn’t just about organic reach anymore! Paid social advertising is becoming the new way of reaching your desired audience! Not only can you target your specific audience but you can tailor it to your specific needs from particular interests to precise demographics. Paid social advertising can certainly boost your social media marketing efforts in more ways than one. Combine your organic calendar with paid posts and see your audience numbers soar. Ensure you stay on top of your paid social efforts through social media insight tools from Facebook and Twitter.

We can ensure if you follow these five top tips this year you will be well on your way to a successful social media campaign. However, don’t forget we have a highly experienced digital marketing team who can help drive your business forward by creating relationships through social media and as a result bring more traffic to your website. Get in touch today via phone on 01483 863 338 or email us to get social and digital this 2017!

09 January 2017