Digital Marketing Work Experience at Red Ant Solutions

Hello, my name is Louis James Devereux, and I have spent a week at Red Ant Solutions for work experience as part of my college course. The company are a full service Marketing Agency based in Godalming, Surrey.

I am currently studying Business at Guildford College, and as part of my course, I must complete 35 hours of work experience. After some vigorous searching, I found an opportunity at Red Ant Solutions which seemed very fitting, as I am learning all about the marketing industry in my college course and it has benefited me highly, being able to experience the work in practice. I hope that this will help to open doors for me in the future.

On my first day I was nervous, but at the same time, excited to see what the upcoming week had in store for me. I was looking forward to developing my skills and knowledge, and improving my understanding not just in the workplace, but also in my college work.

I turned up with a fellow college student and waited in the reception area. My supervisor for the week came through and shook our hands and introduced himself. He then took us through and introduced us to the team, who were very welcoming and friendly, and showed us where we would be working. After we set everything up and were settled in, we were given a quick tour and taken to the boardroom and given an introduction talk on what Red Ant does as a company, clients they currently work for, and what we would be doing throughout the week.

Digital Marketing Experience

We started work straight away. We were asked to analyse Red Ant’s social media activity. We were given four competitor companies between the two of us to research, so we split the task into two. We were asked to analyse 5 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn) and look for opportunities for Social Media posts.

Social Media Marketing

The next day, I received another warm welcome from the team and got straight to work on my next task. This task consisted of planning the companies next months’ worth of social media posts, which I found very interesting because I use social media every day and it was great to see how a business uses social media for marketing purposes. I worked on this project for the next 3 days.

Website Design

On my last day I was handed over to a different section of the company, the website design team. They showed me the process of creating a website for a client, from getting a design brief from a client to the official launch of the website. It was very interesting to see the different steps that are taken in developing a website.

To summarise my week, I have learnt a lot about the marketing workplace and I would love to join a marketing team when I complete my education. This has been an incredible opportunity and experience and I would definitely recommend this to a fellow business student.

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05 March 2018