Bahlsen not only wanted to boost the amount of traffic coming to their site but also wanted the visibility to see where their visits were coming from. Bahlsen hold a monthly competition and they wanted to be able to see where people were being referred from. Bahlsen already rank very well for their product names, but they needed to measure this in case this were to change. We also needed to keep the pages on the website fresh to make sure they complied with Google’s Panda algorithm.


Bahlsen recently launched a recipe section to their site where they are uploading a new recipe every week – this is working very well for them as it is not only driving more traffic and encouraging people to stay longer on the website but it is also fresh content which is beneficial for SEO. We also analyse traffic sources and measure the amount of inbound links so we are aware of any sudden loss in links. To keep traffic coming to the site we share the link to their monthly competitions to get as many people involved as possible, this also increases the chances of those new visitors exploring the site further and discovering more about the brand and their products.    


We report to Bahlsen on a monthly basis to give them improved visibility of their ranking positions, traffic sources and a further insight into their audience.  Analysing the traffic sources from month to month is useful to establish the type of people coming to the site. For example, people coming via organic search are more likely to know about the brand and are looking for more information about it, whereas those coming via a referral competition site, are more likely to be visitors who are going specifically there for the competition and may not know much about Bahlsen.

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