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As a newcomer to Social Media, this long-established brand was looking for professional support to get off to the right start as well as to create a long-term social media presence on Facebook. With limited in-house experience and resources available to dedicate time to implementing and managing an ongoing Social Media campaign, we were asked to provide the service after we had built them a new website.


As with all our clients, we started by developing a social media strategy. This covered areas such as the tone of voice that should be used and the frequency and types of posts that should be posted. We also reviewed what content and assets were available and what would need creating or sourcing. Following the strategy, we developed an integrated content marketing plan to ensure that there was an appropriate mix of content and that the Facebook page was kept populated all year round.


The client now has an active Facebook page showcasing their excellent, extensive product range. This in part supports the drive to extend the availability of the product range whilst acting as a conduit for sales enquiries and driving interest and raising and maintaining brand awareness. It is early days for this campaign and we still have much planned to grow the Likes and drive website traffic, enquires and demand so watch this space.

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