As a heating company there is plenty of local competition. It was important for them to have an online reputation that matched their credibility as a reliable and experienced company. Of course ranking on page 1 helps a good first impression when someone is looking for that service. They needed to rank on page 1 of Google for generic terms as well as local terms to generate more enquiries and attract potential business. Some keywords already sat on page 1 and page 2 but many didn’t.


We started by ensuring the site conformed to Google’s SEO best practices. We identified and reported any crawl errors so that search engines could easily reach all the pages on the site. We optimised pages to ensure components such as Page titles, headings, Meta descriptions all included those all-important keywords. Once this kick-starting initial optimisation had taken place, monthly activity began. Every month pages were kept fresh, checked for any technical errors and off-site optimisation was built upon.


The results from this SEO campaign were initially slow in progress and this was down to the high competition to make it on to page 1 of results. However, since that slow start rankings have never been better. They currently ranking on page 1 of Google for an impressive 31 keywords, 17 of which are in the top 3. These keywords are both local and generic which has meant unique visits to the site has increased by an impressive 69% since the start of the campaign. The client has commented on how this has generated many more enquiries into their services.

This client’s SEO campaign is ongoing and they are soon to have a new website which will be sure to improve ranking positions even further.

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