SPP 100 Million

The Brief

SPP Pumps has experienced significant sales growth over recent years and there was a distinct possibility that they would reach the magical figure of £100 million turnover or orders during 2013.

Red Ant Solutions were asked to develop an internal communications programme that would act as both a stimulus to assist sales focus as well as inform of progress to date. This campaign would run from early September to the year end


What We Did

  • Initial meeting with client to identify the core aims of the communication programme
  • Brainstorm meeting to develop ideas for the style of the campaign. We decided on an ‘Amazing Facts’ concept that focussed on the 100 million theme
  • Developed concepts that would work across the necessary channels
  • Designed a range of communications from the selected concept that would be deployed as A2 posters and e-comms
  • Developed programme plan incorporating frequency, publication dates and logistics. The campaign consisted of 10 different poster designs.
  • Print managed
  • On-going logistics and programme management

The Results

  • High awareness build of the company’s push to reach £100million
  • Stimulated strong interest in the programme

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