As part of an integrated marketing communications plan, our client wanted to both build a consumer email database and keep in touch with them with relevant and engaging content to inform the consumer of the product ranges and reward them with offers and competitions. The campaign was to be managed by us on behalf of the client and would integrate with the website and social channels.


Starting with a range of email template concepts we took the chosen template design and created a robust template that would work in all email clients (we tested in over 30 of the major email clients) and set the client up with access to our system so that they could see reports. The agency was also tasked with full management of the data aspects of the campaign including keeping the master email database updated with the data from various channels. Checking for spam levels and ensuring that we were not unnecessarily marked as junk was another important task for us.


The email campaign has been running for over 10 months at the time of writing and the email templates have stood the test of time with only minor adjustments to help optimise the click-through rates and optimise for a reduced spam. The integrated campaign has helped boost the email database to a very good level meaning that more people are learning about their new and most popular products and are able to make use of the offers, tasty recipes and enter the competitions hosted on the website and social channels.

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