Bahlsen Fixaform

Our design team produced an attractive on-pack promotion for Bahlsen offering an exclusive chance to win 2-for-1 music downloads to consumers.

The Brief

To appeal to and reward their target market we were briefed on the design of an on-pack promotion where consumers could win unlimited 2 for 1 music downloads as well as be rewarded with a discount voucher for further products - all in one small on-pack mechanic! With tubular and bright packaging the offer really had to stand out and appeal.

What We Did

Starting with a look at a range of complementary, yet contrasting colours to work with the clients brand, we established and agreed the optimal colour palette for the on-pack promo with the client. With a strong title, call to action and highly relevant imagery we put together a clear, simple and compelling offer creative to drive engagement and sales. Unique codes would help ensure the promotion ran smoothly.

The Results

The end result was an attractive and powerful on-pack promotion that complemented the packaging with its design and form. It helped drive sales and successfully encouraged consumers to try out products in the range that they might not have without the coupon.

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