Writing a creative brief for website design - Part 2

Writing a creative brief for website design - Part 2

Following on from last week where we started working on the initial design concepts for a new website here are further areas that we cover in the design brief that we create for the design studio.

Last week we addressed the initial stagey, the client’s background, primary objectives for the new website and had a look at the current website.

Website Brief Areas

New elements and functionality required

Normally this is where we take a look at any new functions, positioning and pages for the website. This is especially important if the elements affect the initial homepage design concepts or are part of the main templates.

Target Audience

Here we review the anticipated and current primary (and sometimes secondary) audiences so that we can review them and meet their expectations. This means creating the right calls to action to achieve goals as well as using the right language. The priority of elements and hierarchy of on-page elements is also reviewed here as necessary.

Perception & Tone

For the initial designs we like to get the messaging in place for the homepage titles as it helps our clients identify with the site. Lorum Ipsum is fine for the body copy but main and sub heading as well as the calls to action need to set the right tone and show our plans and direction for the new website.

Brand Guidelines

Not every client has an up-to-date set of brand guidelines for us to follow so a copy of recent literature and picking the liked elements of the existing website can replace this. Many designers prefer a free reign on initial concepts anyway!

That’s all for this week. Look out for more next week where we start looking at competitors and their websites as well as consider the client’s design preferences.

28 June 2013

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