What’s Trending in Digital Design?

What’s Trending in Digital Design?

With everything available to everyone all the time, the pace of change is staggering. What was hip and cool just 6 months ago is so ‘yesterday’ today…

And therein lies the key to being fresh and vibrant with any and all of your initiatives; it’s how talented graphic designers and developers stay on top of their game – being nimble, flexible and having an insatiable thirst for what’s new and trending.

So, what is hot and current? Let’s take a look…

Get Responsive

When it comes to web design, this is key. It’s about designing for the optimal viewing experience across a multitude of devices including laptop, tablet, mobile.

Go Flat

In the past, we crammed as much as possible into our web pages lobbing the ‘less is more’ approach out the window. The movement is now away from gradients and drop shadows to a flat, bold, strong and uncluttered look.

Reduced Click Clutter

Your user doesn’t want to have to search for something anymore – that novelty has worn off. Ease of use is paramount, and fewer clicks to drill down to what you want are optimum. It goes without saying that the more intuitive the better.


Google’s font directory makes available a far wider range of fonts. And yes, big bold text is now de rigeur and favoured….

Infinite scrolling

The ‘fold’ is almost a thing of the past as the use of social media sites makes scrolling second nature - think Pinterest and Facebook timeline.   

Attention-grabbing Mini Animations

Bouncing gifs, shivering text, flashing words or icons – they all draw the eye to that spot and encourage an action. They work really well on mobile devices. And whilst they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s thought we’ll see a lot more of them over the coming months.

Large Imagery

It’s big, bold and easy to see. This style is sweeping across web, mobile and print. Probably because of the predominance of visual imagery through all media and the vastly improved capability for image capture that smartphones et al have put in our hands. We expect nothing less than the best.


It’s the ‘less is more’ approach again. Why use a collection of words to describe something when a universally accepted icon conveys it all and then some. Besides, they do wonders for the de-clutter process.

Wide screen

Screens have become wider for better viewing experience so it makes sense that the design must follow suit. Wide, rich colour images convey quality without saying it.

So, what’s your view? Do you have any to add? 

20 February 2013

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