What else can SEO do for your business?

What else can SEO do for your business?

Most people will know what an SEO agency will aim to do for you and your business – push your website to number one for your important keywords to drive more traffic, but are there other benefits that come from the SEO service?

The answer is simple. Yes.

The recent history of important SEO factors

Nowadays Google takes more than just inbound links to your website as a ranking factor. How well your website technical architecture is optimised for search engine indexing, the page content and on-page formatting are all areas that have effected your SEO for a while and that an SEO agency should be able to help you with. Jump forward to recent times and things get more dynamic. Page load speeds, page update frequencies and new content are all important areas as Google increases its focus on delivering quality results to its customers with Penguin and Panda major algorithm updates. So any decent SEO agency will also provide hosting (fast and secure of course) and packages that include on-site optimisation (for example copy and keyword editing and the use of co-occurrence if they are really up-to-date) and content marketing (such as white papers, blogs and news).

Social Media and SEO

Social Media has also been included in the ranking signals by Google for a while now and is expected to grow in importance as we ourselves become more influenced by our Facebook friends and the brands that we Like.  With the new emergence of Facebook’s Graph Search which is expected to roll out in the USA soon you can expect the topic of SEO to widen to include your Facebook page as well as your website with EdgeRank becoming ever more important.

SEO benefits beyond rankings

So as a bi-product of pushing your website up the rankings with SEO tactics, a top SEO agency like Red Ant Solutions also improves your website load speed (which makes your customers experience better and therefore more likely to lead to them to consider your products or services), it updates your website (by creating new relevant website content that engages with your website visitors and encourages them to make an enquiry) and it creates or shares new content on your Social Media profiles (to engage and reach out to your customers). What in digital marketing isn’t SEO? That’s pretty much the point with Google wanting to reflect what people want, where they look and how we measure credibility in 2013.

As an SEO agency, we combine technical expertise with marketing know-how to deliver an up-to-date and innovative approach to SEO to deliver high returns on investment for both global and UK focused businesses. Get in touch by calling 01483 863338 or emailing us.

30 January 2013

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