We launch our shiny, new website!

We launch our shiny, new website!

Our new website is now live and we are very pleased with the reviews from clients, suppliers and associates to date. As anyone from agency land will know, the projects that tend to be the most problematic in terms of launch date slip are those involving self-promotion. We are therefore relieved to have this great new site out there working for us.

Our objective was to create a website that shows rather than tells what we are about. It is therefore much more heavily populated with case histories and imagery of our work than previously. In addition we have ensured that it is totally responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms and model versions, as well as incorporating all the current ‘best practice’ functionality and features.

Our team are justifiably proud of the result and we would be really pleased if you would take a tour today and give us your feedback on what you see.

By John Giles 18 June 2014

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