The website design brief component parts - Part 3

The website design brief component parts - Part 3

The third part of my guide to website design where we look at the elements that we consider and research as part of the work we undertake when designing a new website .

From Competitors to Website Functions

Peer Group & Competitive Positioning

You can’t design a website without looking closely at the competition. Do you want the website to align with the competitor sites that potential customers will be comparing you against or do you need to stand out as different in some way? What are the key differentiators and USPs for your client and how can they be promoted on the new website?

Client expectations and design preferences

In some cases the client will have given some thought to what they hope and expect to see from their new website design and may have some valuable insights and ideas that will help ensure the success of the new site. Asking for websites that they like also helps you get an insight into their personal likes and dislikes. You can see from this where you have areas in common that can be developed to build both a strong design and client-agency relationship.


We looked at the site objectives in part 1 and this is a more detailed look at what deliverables the website will provide such as specific forms, registrations and sign-ups. Other items such as trackable Events that we want to see in Google Analytics will also make an appearance here. A verbatim description of the intended outcomes for the new website from the client is ideal.

Website elements

It’s useful to have a list of the various items or stand-out elements of the template that are likely or expected as part of the website build. For example the footer components, is there a search function and is there any special functionality such as a wizard based guide required for the new website. The list is useful as a reminder of the various considerations for the website design concepts.

Next week is the final part of this series of posts where I'll be looking at areas such as calls to action, site architecture and timescales.

05 July 2013

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