The Modern Marketer – is that you?

The Modern Marketer – is that you?


Modern marketers integrate their efforts and unify their approach; they focus on online, offline, through the line, above the line, below the line. They’re social and switched on; they use inbound marketing, big data, transparency and content to differentiate their brands and it’s a job well done when they can show significant ROI for all their efforts.


Let’s look at marketing from a slightly different perspective – instead of coming at it from something we ‘do’ (integrated marketing), let’s look at it from the customer’s perspective, as something we ‘experience’.

What are some of the things you’d like from an ‘experience’:

·         enjoyable/pleasant  = design/style/tone

·         relevant  = targeting/segmentation

·         informative = features/benefits

·         ease of purchase/access = where to buy/online/ home delivery

·         peer reviews = social media channels/review sites

·         after sales assistance = customer service/support

So, don’t forget to remember:

·         If your brand message/tone/style/communication is not clear it will just confuse the customer or worse, annoy him/her;

·         If your brand is not consistent it will get lost in the vast tonnage of information out there fighting for face time with your customer;

·         If your brand is not accessible via all the channels your customer uses… then they might think you’re ‘mickey mouse’, or they might be won over by your competitors instead.

And of course, your brand has to live up to its promises – don’t oversell and under deliver, otherwise in this era where consumers own the media, your brand will be ‘branded’ a phony quicker than you can say ‘viral’.

Have a look at Marketing Week and eConsultancy’s Modern Marketing Manifesto here… (#MoMaMa)


30 April 2013

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