The Magic of TV Adverts

The Magic of TV Adverts

Do you pay attention to TV adverts? For me, it's like entering a void where my mind just shuts, shielding itself from any "information". But as with everything, there are exceptions… In March 2013, Oxo launched their new TV campaign, 'The Magic Cube', and this one definitely grabbed my attention.

A woman is seen chopping up inanimate objects - a cricket ball as an onion, skipping ropes as carrots and ballerina shoes as chicken fillets. Then, they all ‘come to life’ when sprinkled with Oxo Magic Cube. It is a great example of a skeuomorph, which is defined as a physical ornament or design on an object made to resemble another material or technique, e.g. wood grain look on a car dashboard.

It is also very much on trend currently in print and web design. Anything from the 'austerity' feel to a booklet or the vintage/nostalgic vibe on websites.

I thoroughly enjoy the Oxo Magic Cube TV ad, especially when as the food ‘comes to life’, the music gets more depth and the colour livens up. Its extremely clever and beautifully executed.

The advert was created by JWT London, animated by PES and directed by Conkerco.

09 May 2013

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