The final guide to a website design brief - Part 4

The final guide to a website design brief - Part 4

The forth and final part of my guide to the design considerations for a new website design where we look at calls to action for the conversion funnel, images, architecture, templates and of course timescales.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are the elements on a page (e.g. button, text or banner) that prompt a user to click it and progress through the site or to a goal (conversion funnel). We spend time getting these right for each page starting with identifying what they should be right at the start in the strategy. Calls to action are essentially one of the most important tools that you have to achieve a measurable goal on the website. By using the correct terminology in the design concepts the client can see what we are aiming for on the page so lorum ipsum is normally avoided.

Site Map (Information Architecture)

At the very least for the website design concepts the web design team need to know what should be displayed in the navigation areas as well as how many items there are and what hierarchy there is. Getting these right and displayed in the concepts ensures that everything fits and works well in the design.

Website Images

Often a client will provide their own imagery and we will supplement it with either photos that the client commissions from us or from stock. The website design brief needs to describe the images that should be used for the concept pages as well as detailing the whereabouts of any existing assets to help the process.

Web Page Templates

Websites are often judged by their homepage and it is true that it has the biggest job to do but at concept stage we also design other pages such as a standard or product page and the contact page to give a good overall impression of what the website will look like. If there are key pages which are perhaps unique to the site such as a wizard or gallery then we will normally also design those as part of the initial concept work as well.


A studio is a busy place with varying deadlines and the occasional urgent client requirement so the final piece of information that we provide to the website design team are the various dates needed for the drafts, internal reviews, client presentations and the project deadlines.

I hope that you have found this four part guide useful. If you have any website design requirements then let us know.

26 July 2013

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