Website Design Tablet Testing

Website Design Tablet Testing

We take website design browser testing seriously here in the digital team at the agency. We want all users to see a client’s website as our web design team intended regardless of hardware, screen size or web browser that they are using so that the brand is strong and the user experience is fully optimised. As part of our continuous improvement strategy we have just added a new tablet to our website testing centre. It’s the Amazon Fire 6 which retails at a measly £79 and runs their Silk web browser. Expecting this to be a popular purchase (especially with Christmas around the corner) we have added it to our stable of hardware that we test all new client website designs on after we have built the front-end.

Website design for mobile

All of our websites are designed using responsive techniques so that they adapt to the screen size ensuring that the user has the best experience and stays engaged with the brand and content. As demonstrated in our recent blog on Google’s Mobile-Friendly labels, designing for mobile devices including phones and tablets is critical now as often a website will have over 50% of visitors using the devices to view the website contents. Just designing for desktop viewers is a thing of the past (with our web designers anyway!) and if you don’t at least have plans in place to address this then we recommend that you do.

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By Mark Reynolds 01 December 2014

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