Surrey Marketing Agency Experience

Surrey Marketing Agency Experience

During my week at Red Ant Solutions – a full service marketing agency in Godalming, I was given several tasks throughout that I enjoyed doing. I felt that I was able to contribute to the company and communicate with the others to achieve the best outcome.

Search Engine Optimisation

I was shown the importance of SEO and how the placing of a company in a search engine is determined by certain key factors. I was able to research several companies and potentially gain new clients for the digital marketing team and become a contributing asset to the company.

New Skills Learnt

During my time at Red Ant Solutions I sat in with others at the company and was able to see how the whole team works. I realised the importance of the team interacting. I feel that from the experience gained I will be able to take the skills I have learnt and apply them in any future careers I may move into.

By William

12 July 2013

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