Social Media Trends in 2015

Social Media Trends in 2015

As with all aspects of digital marketing, social media is also going through big changes in 2015. This blog discusses the latest news affecting social media from Twitter’s recent deal with Google to the growth in paid social advertising, and the implications this will have on your digital marketing strategy.

Social and SEO are integrating

A successful digital marketing strategy is not just about social media, responsive websites, or SEO; all of these tactics need to be considered as part of your integrated digital marketing strategy. This month Twitter and Google have come to an arrangement where tweets will now appear in Google’s search results. Instead of Google crawling Twitter the tweets will appear in Google as soon as they are posted. So in future you could see your website rankings drop out because of your competitors’ tweets. Your website also needs to be integrated with social media. Encourage your visitors to share your content by including social sharing buttons throughout your website, and promote your social media channels to help grow your followers by including profile links, or even a Facebook or Twitter feed. 

Paid Social

Many businesses are putting more and more money into paid social advertising. The main advantage of Facebook and Twitter advertising is the way you can target your customers. If you know the customers you want to target then paid social can help you reach them. Facebook can take details from Facebook profiles so you can target specific demographics or interests for example, 20-30 year olds in London who have an interest in music (based on liking music based Facebook pages), but can also bring in information outside off Facebook about activity on external websites and apps.

Businesses on Social Media

Social media should be a key part of any businesses’ marketing strategy. The type of business will affect the expectations from customers about how they should be using social media, for example Nationwide’s latest advert is promoting how their Twitter account has gone 24/7 as this is what their customers expect from this particular industry – a platform for immediate customer feedback.  Social media may initially be a platform to amplify and publicise all the great content you are uploading to your website, where people will follow you for updates on your company, products and industry. However it is now 2015 and this is not enough. Social media is for building relationships and having a conversation with your customers. Analysing what posts perform best and get the most engagement and learning from this going forward will help build a successful social media campaign.

Create a Social Media Strategy

Social media may only be short posts that reach your customers instantly but this doesn’t mean you can fire out posts left, right and centre. Before you post anything sit down and create a thorough strategy thinking about the tone of voice you want to get across, the audience you want to target, and the objectives of your social media campaign. When this is done then you can begin creating your content schedule. Avoid mistakes, controversy or even just invaluable content by spending time properly thinking about your posts – Do they contain a high quality image? Are you linking back to your website? Are you posting content that your customers and potential customers will really engage with?

Contact our social media marketing agency

Social media takes time and effort – ultimately social media is real-time marketing and you have to be ready to react to the here and now. Our Surrey marketing agency can cover all these details right from setting up your social media profiles, creating a strategy where we identify the tone of voice for your business and what content your audience will engage with, to developing a content schedule, running the social media management and reporting. Call us on 01483 863338 or drop us an email to discuss how we can help your business get social!

By Kath Goward 19 February 2015

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