Setting the stage

From the start of the web, back in 1993, up to late 2000, web design, technologies and trends were basic and the evolution pretty slow. The web sphere has been in constant move since then, changing its codes and caring not just about the content but also about the user, that's how UX (User Experience) began. User Experience is not just about feeding the information to the user it's also how you serve it.
The rise of social networks did a lot for these new trends and web designers take inspiration from them. We saw Facebook polishing their design, making it more appealing for people to display images and share contents from the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.
Pinterest seems to be a pioneer of the ‘3 to 5 column design and image blocs’ look that a lot of websites blatantly reproduce.  
It's also very interesting to see how typeface has evolved in the last 3 years - they are bolder, fancier, making a real statement. Textures and bright colours have also been surfing the trendy wave. The future definitely looks bright and promises new exciting things to come…
Be alert and aware… it's probably just a matter of months. 

08 June 2012

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