Power to the Fans!

Power to the Fans!


With the world going mobile, and our individual potential ‘reach’ growing by the minute, one’s social capital is a tangible and valuable asset.

Each of us has the power as an individual, a consumer, and end user, to make our presence known. The size and strength of our online social networks is one of the reasons companies are drawn to social media as a powerful marketing channel. It’s where their audience is.

In the past, complaints were relegated to a back office somewhere in the basement of the building where a bored employee took you through the paperwork and said someone would get back to you in about 3 weeks. Not so today... Social media provides real time access to customer service if the company offers it through this channel… and if they don’t, they soon will, if enough people demand it.

But it’s definitely Facebook who is leading the pack. It’s the digital ‘word of mouth’ and the online place to be seen. Every page wants more fans, more engagement, more comments and user generated content. Why? Because being there means you’re out there.  It’s the space to tell the world who you are, how you behave, let them know what you like and don’t like, advertise your products/services, and engage the customer on multiple levels. Facebook is the key space to advertise, build awareness and brand sentiment and attract followers/fans. It offers more in the way of posting space than Twitter (140 characters), images are visible right up there with the post, and it’s  numerous apps and plug-ins enable it to fully integrate with most websites, forums and blogs.

If you think Facebook has reached its zenith, think again … it’s the people’s stage, and companies/brands are just the supporting acts. 


07 January 2013

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