Marketing Misnomers and Other Customary Jargon

Marketing Misnomers and Other Customary Jargon


So, let's shed some light:


What's the difference between a creative and a graphic designer?


These words are often bandied about by marketers and used interchangeably for the same person. And yet, a creative and a graphic designer are two different things.


Creative: Someone who imagines/visualises a different way of communicating something or visually expressing it.  They are the 'ideas' people.

Graphic Designer: Someone with an in-depth knowledge of graphics software packages such as In Design or Photoshop. They develop and build the idea with their skills; they produce the visual image.


They can be the same person, but not necessarily.


How about some of these words which have two or more meanings:



1. Computer term meaning not connected to the server

2. To take something 'offline' is to make it more private/not involving everyone/outside the scope of a meeting



1. Refers to a network's information-carrying capacity

2. Also means a person's capacity to handle/manage something



1. To defragment a hard drive

2. 'I need to chill and de-frag.' A person may say if they wish to de-stress.


And then just some of the perennial funnies:


The New Black: Any fashion, style or colour that purports to be the"next big thing."


Leverage: Is a fancy word for 'use to best ability'. You can leverage resources, talent ... a broom!


Low-Hanging Fruit: The easy prey, the ones you can get easily. In an apple orchard, it’s the apples on the low branches. In business, it’s the easy sales to get.


Pain Points:  Business consultants use "pain points" as a term to describe the places where a business feels the "pain" due to poor operational structure, bad software or good, old-fashioned inefficiencies.


Ping: Nabbed from the Internet world where it's a command to see if an Internet address exists and is accepting requests, to ping someone means to email/get hold of electronically.


White Space: The trend these days is to include a lot of white space in design, keeping it uncluttered and fresh. It can also mean customer needs that are unmet pr the space that is filled by no other product or service.


Data Dump/Brain Dump: Basically it's a debriefing. Essentially it means providing the information in one person's head to others. It can also refer to a brainstorming session where everyone contributes ideas.


If you have any personal favourites, feel free to share them with us….



04 February 2013

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