Keep up with your Mobile Marketing

Keep up with your Mobile Marketing!

Our web design team spend a great deal of time perfecting websites for mobile. Why? Because people spend a great deal of time browsing websites on their mobiles!

Long gone are the times when people used mobile phones for making calls before traipsing to the shops to top up their credit, sending texts before being told yet again their inbox is full, and if you were lucky playing ‘Snake’ for hours on end. 

We are now living in the age of smartphones. We use them for browsing websites, shopping, checking emails, sending emails, socialising with anyone and everyone from friends to businesses, and even celebrities, playing games, checking the news, finding out information… in fact there’s not much we don’t use them for. 

Our marketing agency has had to adapt and progress with society’s reliance on mobile phones. From responsive websites to social media here are some of the marketing services crucial for optimising for mobile visitors:

Responsive Website Designs

We design and build websites that are responsive. This means they work across all platforms – desktop, mobile and tablets. Not having a responsive website will lose customers and potential business so it is a vital progression in order to keep up with the huge growth in web browsing on mobiles.

Responsive Email Marketing Campaigns

More and more people check their emails whilst on the go. Responsive emails are crucial to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity with your customers. All that time producing creative, engaging content will be wasted on your mobile customers if you haven’t optimised your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

Social Media Marketing

Social media allows for direct, immediate conversation with people all over the world. As with emails people are regularly checking social media such as Facebook and Twitter on their smartphones. People want news as and when it happens. We can help with competitor research, strategies, set up, content, reporting and optimisation for your social media campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click Mobile Ads

Creating mobile specific ads for paid search campaigns can better target mobile users. Including ad extensions for example click-to-call allows potential customers to call you directly from your ad instead of clicking through to your website and still be charged the price of one click.

Track your mobile traffic with Google Analytics

We use website analytics to track how our visitors access our websites. We can track how many visitors come from mobile, and what they go on to do or look at whilst on the site and then optimise for this traffic.

Mobile is a massive part of our everyday lives and it’s almost hard to imagine a world without it. Luckily we don’t have to as we found this video made by Qualcomm that shows what life without mobile would be like. Enjoy!

By Kath Goward 17 July 2014

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