Its a fine line....


For the uninitiated, it involves a patient on an operating theatre with a laptop resting on him. The surgeon works inside his brain and causes the patients’ fingers to type on the laptop as he searches for his next holiday, whilst bemoaning the time constraints of daily life. The nurse says calls him ‘a bit unethical’ and directs him to the Kayak website. At which the doctor says ‘you must be the brains of this operation’, and makes the patient’s arm reach out to punch the nurse and high five the patient.

Bad taste – absolutely!  Clever marketing – not! Sensationalist – yes… it’s even been banned due to more than 400 complaints.

Unfortunately, it is now a talking point, and even though the ad has been banned, brand awareness is likely to sky rocket in the wake of this debacle.

Whilst I consider this a poor concept, in defence of the marketers they were clearly committed to pushing the boundaries. That’s always a good thing in the creative realm. But the fact that the powers that be in Kayak gave it the nod makes you wonder who was playing around in their brains at the time. 


10 December 2012

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