Integrate to get Marketing Punch for your Pound…

Integrate to get Marketing Punch for your Pound…


Sometimes it easier to get swept away by the excitement and energy of a single campaign, rather than to sit back, take stock and streamline the communication through a host of different media.


But what does integrated marketing really mean? Some will tell you it’s about making sure you have all relevant channels covered. These days the number of ways one can reach an audience is akin to the number of grains of sand on a beach – gazillions! And as much as there are a gazillion ways to reach an audience, there are also a gazillion people/brands/organisations saying different things to these audiences.  Every day, something close to  2.5 quintillion (2,500 000 000 000 000 000) bytes of data are generated,and this is mostly consumer-created content.

The amount of information flying around and available at the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen is vast! So how easy is it for your message to be seen. Simply put, it isn’t. Consumers are inundated with massive amounts of information all the time, and most find it difficult to focus on any one thing for any length of time. Consumers and their attention spans are becoming increasingly fragmented, and this makes it even more difficult for your message to get across effectively.


Integration is the key to overcoming this fragmentation. An integrated marketing initiative makes sure that not only is the message disseminated via relevant online and offline channels, but also that the brand message, proposition, style and tone is cohesive across all these media. This doesn’t simply mean slapping the same tagline and graphics into the workable format and leaving it at that. It means tailoring the message to the platform accordingly and adhering to brand attributes and visual identity at the same time. Phew … seems like a lot to do. And it is! It takes careful planning and a switched on team.


So instead of developing the umpteenth campaign around a product or brand, why not save yourself some time, energy and money, and make the campaigns you already have work for you… over and over and over again. They may need a new look or a complete rejig from time to time, but when you have what you want to say about your brand in place, get it out there and leave it out there. The simpler the message and the more often you say it across all the relevant media, the stronger your message becomes.


Hand in hand with integration goes repetition, and consistency. 

13 March 2013

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