How to write a website design brief - Part 1

How to write a website design brief - Part 1

This week we are working on the initial designs for a new website for one of our clients.

As there are quite a few considerations to be made for a new website design I thought I’d share with you some of the things that are considered for the design brief which we put together for our design team.

 Essentially the brief is to act partly as a guide and checklist for the designer as well as a script to run through at an initial briefing to help instigate the right conversations and avoid missing important factors. As there are so many things to cover here I am splitting this into a number of posts.

Client Website Strategy

At the point where we are creating an internal design brief a full website strategy will have been developed and so relevant elements are chosen to form this important document. Of course some of the designers may have been involved in the main strategy as well, but by taking away items unrelated directly to the design we have a handy document to refer to throughout the design process. Often parts of the document are lifted straight from client communications so that the tone is correct and nothing is lost in translation.

The various sections of the brief are as follows;


A little about the client, their background and industry to help position the requirement for the designers and get across any key points.

Primary Objectives

What the client wants to achieve by developing a new website and the metrics that will be used. Usually there is a clear hierarchy to this which should be conveyed.

Current Website review

A look at what works and what doesn’t. What the client likes, dislikes and anything that must be carried over. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to worry about the old website design but this can then mean avoiding old design ideas that won’t be seen as new by the client!

Next week I’ll post more sections.

21 June 2013

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