How to write a Creative Brief

How to write a Creative Brief


It also comes back to the issue about roles I raised on Monday … so don’t get tongue tied over who is what. If you need to get creatives involved before the designers, then do it. For some of you, there may be no in-house creative, in which case, you’re it. Do the best you can…

So, why do designers need a written brief?

1.       They are probably dealing with multiple jobs on the go and need to manage their time effectively.

2.       With these multiple jobs comes multiple ideas, and your written brief will help them to zone back into your project when required.

3.       It covers them and you. It can be placed in the job bag and referred to in case you get into a ‘he said, she said’ situation.  

4.       It outlines all aspects of the requirement in one place.

Key points of the creative brief:

1.       What are we doing? (Introduction): Sum up what the programme is, what it should achieve and how its success will be measured (if at all).

2.       What is it? You need to tell them what you expect them to create. This could be anything from a website, to a brochure, to an exhibition stand or a mobile app.

3.       Who is it for? (Target Audience): Who are the people on the receiving end? Who will be using it, reading it, playing with it? How do they think and feel? What kind of people are they?

4.       What must it to do? (The objectives): This clarifies what the client intends this programme/tool to achieve.

5.       What must it say? (The message): What would you like it to communicate about the brand or offering? Are there any key points that must be made?

6.       What else? Is there anything else that the client wants mentioned or done: any specific images to use or not use; any colours to steer clear of, or a particular style to adhere to?  Is there anything you believe would add value to this initiative?

7.       When is it needed? (The deadline): Give a first draft deadline and a final approval deadline.

This would be the bare minimum to include in your brief. Remember, research and backup documentation is separate to the actual brief.

Keep it short and sweet. One page is perfect.


06 February 2013

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