Hope for the High Street?

Hope for the High Street?


In an effort to firmly entrench its sales and ramp up the attention for its Chrome and Nexus product ranges, Google plans to rival Apple with its shop frontage.

So for all those bemoaning the decline of the High Street, maybe this is a shot in the arm? Perhaps it’s not about the decline of the High Street, but just a change in the way the High Street consumer shops and buys. Isn’t this an opportunity for retailers to shake it up and do it differently? If Google is going to outlay millions setting up high tech shops that mirror its techy offerings, why wouldn’t there be a future for stores on the street? Perhaps it’s just about a different way of doing things.

This is an interesting article which highlights the fact that the consumer has been moving away from the High Street for a while now, and the recession and internet have simply been catalysts. It makes complete sense to me, and I would say that it’s not about the demise of the High Street but just that business will be done in a different way – the secret is to find a way that makes it easy for customers to shop with you.




06 March 2013

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