Google’s 2013 Annual Summit Overview

Google’s 2013 Annual Summit Overview


This was Google’s theme for this year’s annual summit. Google Analytics will enable its customers to act on the data to leverage insights, empower customers by providing tools and techniques to analyse and make business decisions and finally to give access of the right data to the right people. 

The ‘access’ part of this theme being slightly ironic as Google is increasingly encrypting keyword data … but anyway let us focus on the new positives.


Our favourite ‘Access’ feature is the new auto-event tracking with Google Tag Manager. This listens for events on the page and then sends the data to Analytics or other tags, with no implementation of custom JavaScript needed. This will be a huge time saver and will allow us to look at all types of events for our clients that we have not yet been able to implement event tracking for. Smiles all round!


There are many ‘Empower’ features which we love, for example, the Acquisition, Behaviours and Conversions (ABC) feature has revamped the traffic sources to better display key metrics in intuitive groups while allowing us to segment the channels down further into display, organic, PPC, social, referral etc. We now have an improved view of how we acquired the users on the site, what their behaviour is while on the site and what their conversion patterns are. The audience reporting feature gives us a further insight in to who the audience is, for example we can now segment the audience into age, gender and their interests. We can then see which groups have the highest conversion rates and optimise further.


Finally, the one and only ‘Act’ feature is the Google Play integration with mobile app analytics. For the first time app developers and marketers are able to view the Play acquisition funnel in one report.

Google tell us to stay tuned for more product updates as 2014 promises increased insights into our data so organisations of all sizes can make improved business decisions.

29 October 2013

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