Google launches ‘mobile-friendly’ labels

Google launches 'mobile-friendly' labels

It is not new information that people are browsing the internet on their mobiles - and this is one trend that is only going to increase each year.

In recent months Google has been making significant steps towards giving mobile users a better browsing experience. Have you ever done a Google search on your phone, clicked through to a result and spent the whole time zooming in and scrolling around to read the page content? Google’s update is aimed towards helping stop this from happening.

This week Google announced that they are rolling out a new ‘mobile-friendly’ label in mobile search results for websites that have been optimised for use on mobile phones. The factors determining whether your website will receive this tag include not having flash on your website, having links further enough apart that they are clickable on a smaller device, and ensuring the pages adjust to the screen size to avoid the user having to scroll around to read the page content. This is already showing on a number of search results in the UK and will be rolled out globally in the next few weeks.

Make your website responsive

Mobile traffic is increasing day by day so it is more important than ever that your website is optimised for mobile. You can check what percentage of your website visitors are browsing on mobiles using your Google Analytics – and we wouldn’t be surprised if this is over half of your total website traffic. Your website needs to fit and adjust to the screen to avoid users scrolling around your site – this is what we mean by a responsive website.

Will your rankings be affected?

Along with the announcement of the ‘mobile-friendly’ label being displayed in search results, Google also said they will be experimenting with making ‘mobile-friendly’ a ranking signal.  If a website isn’t going to deliver a great user experience when clicked through from a Google search result then Google will penalise your site from achieving high search rankings.

See our responsive web design examples

We have created a number of responsive websites this year – and our website is one of them! As part of our new website not only did we make it responsive, but we also included case studies showcasing our hard work – browse some of our responsive web design case studies here.

Contact our Surrey marketing agency to find out how you can offer your customers an excellent user experience when browsing your website no matter what device they are on.

By Kath Goward 20 November 2014

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