Farewell Emily Edwards!

Farewell Emily Edwards!

The Red Ant Solutions team convened on Friday evening to bid a fond farewell to our Digital Marketer Emily as she departs this week on a period of travelling, starting in China this week!

Emily joined us back in 2012 as an intern keen to learn more about digital marketing following the completion of her degree.

We were sufficiently impressed by her unsolicited application to ask her in for interview and the maturity and attitude that she displayed in that hour struck both the head of agency and I sufficiently to ensure her a place in our digital marketing team.

From SEO to PPC

Joining us as a full-time Digital Marketing Executive at the start of 2013 Emily contributed hugely towards the current versions of both our free seo audit and the full website seo audit that we run for our clients. Her hard work and the insights that she developed into the Google Algorithms ensured that the audits and the monthly SEO subscriptions that she provided were always spot on and that rankings improved consistently across her portfolio despite the wide range of challenges that an SEO faces across the differing requirements of their clients.


On a personal level we already miss her wit, personality, legendary coffee making skills, updates on last night’s TV schedule and company in the gym and in the pub. We wish her every success in the future as she continues her digital marketing career following her travelling across Asia and the southern hemisphere. In fact if any agencies in Australia are looking to hire she comes highly recommended!

10 April 2014

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