Do you track your Google search engine position?

Do you track your Google search engine position?

In this day and age with tailored search results for Google account holders, there is still a place for general Search Engine Ranking Position tracking. After all, how else do you benchmark your website and measure the results of all the effort that you put into Content Marketing, blogging and Social Media? In addition, how do you know when your competitor starts to make inroads on your position or that you dropped off page one for your most important keyword? Importantly, do you know how much traffic was generated by a certain keyword on a certain week?

Reasons to track your search engine positions

Regardless of whether or not you engage directly in SEO activity we would always recommend that you are actively tracking the weekly positions of your most important keywords and the positions of your key competitors. When we look at the traffic on Google Analytics results for prospective new clients, our client is often surprised to see quite considerable fluctuation in traffic levels. This can often be partly attributed to the season or other external factors, but what cannot be denied is the impact that a shift from page 1 to page 2 for your most important keywords will have on your traffic and business. Often competitive keyword positions are quite unstable but without weekly tracking you simply won’t know this. Perhaps when you check you are at roughly the same position as the last time you checked a few weeks before. What you may have missed in the meantime is a major fluctuation (which can of course be positive) in positions. Armed with this knowledge your SEO team can set about identifying the likely cause. Perhaps over reliance on off-site links makes your website fall foul of a Google Algorithm before bouncing back thanks to a blog post you wrote.

Whatever the cause, we always recommend that even if a client is not budgeting for a SEO campaign that they at least monitor their rankings. Ask about our search engine results tracking service.

21 May 2013

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