Digital Marketing Tips for 2015

Digital Marketing Tips for 2015

Our marketing agency has put together a list of the digital marketing trends that your business can’t afford to forget about in 2015!  From SEO to social media here are our top tips for the year ahead.

Websites will need to be optimised for mobile

It may be said every year but 2015 really is the year of mobile with more and more searches being completed on smartphones or tablets. Google is consistently working hard to display high-quality results in their SERPs no matter what device they may be searching from. They have already introduced the ‘mobile-friendly’ tag appearing in their mobile search results and have warned that sometime in the future responsive sites will have an advantage in their rankings too. Will 2015 be the year?

Brands without social media will get left behind

Customers are increasingly using social media channels to support their purchase decision making process. However simply having a Facebook and Twitter page set-up is not enough. These channels need to be regularly updated with relevant and engaging content that speaks to the customer on a personal level. Creating a unique voice and personality for your brand will enhance brand loyalty meaning they will return to you again and again. Social signals will also be important for your websites’ rankings – and now Google is showing channels other than just Google+ in their search results, so there really is no reason not to get social!

Businesses can’t afford to ignore SEO

SEO has always been about links, keywords and content. And in 2015 nothing has really changed. However the way you ‘link build’, ‘keyword target’ or ‘generate content’ is what is different.

With link building quality will always beat quantity. Getting 10 links to your website from low-quality blogs or directories that have nothing to do with your industry probably won’t send you any qualified traffic and will be a waste of time, but if you are a restaurant receiving a link from the Guardian on a list of the ‘Top 10 Best Restaurants’ then this will be extremely beneficial.

Keyword targeting is still important – if your keywords don’t appear anywhere on your website then how will Google know what it is about? However the focus is now on targeting topics rather than individual keywords. There is no definitive amount of times you need to insert your keyword onto a page. Instead writing an interesting, informative and valuable page of content about a specific topic or product will achieve much better results. Keyword topic targeting leads nicely into content generation. Pushing out hundreds of irrelevant news posts just to meet the Google Panda algorithm guidelines for fresh content will not do your website any favours. However posting content that answers your customers’ questions, and appeals to their interests will encourage the level of engagement and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Focus on customer experience  

Now there is one thing that connects all of these trends for this year; they all deliver your customers GREAT user experience. Our Surrey marketing agency works hard to deliver value for your business. From web design to email marketing, SEO, PPC and social media we can deliver campaigns that work for you.    


By Kath Goward 28 January 2015

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