Digital Agency Experience

Digital Agency Experience

Being in secondary school, I had very limited business experience as I went into Red Ant Solutions, a marketing design & digital company in Godalming, Surrey that basically helps a business increase its presence over its competitors in an ever-growing digital society.

However, despite my amateur marketing knowledge, they accepted me with open arms, and I quickly fell into the groove of how a modern, sleek 21st century office runs.


Most of my time was spent with the SEO Department. I quickly learnt that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a little more complicated than my initial thoughts! Search Engine Optimization is the idea of making your website the most visible in terms of Search Engine listings. Typically, if you are looking for a particular service or item, you would search into a search engine said thing, i.e Wedding Venues in Guildford. You would then scroll through several pages, and click the link that appealed most to you. Therefore it is in the company’s best interest to make sure it is their site showing up first for you; you’re more likely to click on something on the first page as opposed to the 7th page.

How this works

This is where SEO comes into play. In order to get this “list” of sites, Search Engines, such as Google, use a number of carefully calculated algorithms, which calculate the quality and freshness of your site. Working in SEO, your job is to get these sites up onto the first page. This can be done through little things such as putting certain keywords in titles, or huge things such as ensuring your site is linked to in directories and other sites.

Web Design

Along with SEO, I briefly shadowed several people who built and provided functionality to the sites. Sitting with these people, I learnt how they use basic frames and templates to get the core of the site, which they then build upon to get the functionality and design the client is after. I was introduced to a number of tools they use to structure the site, and I learnt a little about how CSS is used to design the site, and the benefits or cons with this.


Furthermore, during my week at Red Ant I discovered the value of Teamwork within an office environment. Without it, the web designers would have no content, and the SEO department no website to optimize. This experience here has allowed me to gain an insight into just how important teamwork is, which will help me in both my future schoolwork and career, whatever that career may be.

A Good Experience

In conclusion, I felt that my week at Red Ant Solutions provided me with a wealth of knowledge, which I shall be able to use in the future. I enjoyed learning about the different aspects in a marketing company, and how each of them works together to design, build, and promote a product for the client. Actually being able to see a functioning workspace has given me an insight which not many will experience, to which I must thank Red Ant Solutions for letting me intrude on their office for a week. I will be sad to go, but am glad that I was given the opportunity to work and learn with such a friendly group of people. I certainly hope the next person to do work experience gets as much out of this week as I did.

By Jack Stokes

05 July 2013

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