Case Study: SEO Algorithms Guide

Case Study: SEO Algorithms Guide

Our marketing agency aimed to rank on page 1 of Google by producing valuable, shareable content in order to increase the outreach and promotion of our SEO knowledge and marketing expertise.

For this case study we produced content on the topic of Google Algorithms with hope of ranking on the first page of Google. Two weeks ago we created a PDF ‘Guide to Google Search Algorithms’ and posted this on our blog and closely monitored our rankings for the coming weeks. This guide includes informative content about the Panda, Venice, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms that cause search engine rankings to fluctuate.

PDF submission for SEO

We monitored our progress and just a few days later we found we had achieved our aim as our guide was ranking on page 1 of Google with ‘Guide to Google Algorithms’ at rank 6 and ‘Google Algorithms Guide’ at rank 9. This result is extremely positive and supports what we have maintained all along that fresh, useful, and shareable content is favoured by Google in their rankings. It is for this reason that PDF documents rank so highly in search engines so therefore are excellent opportunities for SEO. PDF documents are read by Google the same as normal web pages so as usual we followed SEO best practice and optimised for keywords throughout the content as well as including optimised headings, tags and links.

Not only did we post our Google Algorithms guide to our own website but there are also a number of high-quality PDF submission sites for documents to be uploaded on. This increases the outreach of the document and is a simple, easy way to increase traffic and promote your site, whilst sharing valuable information and expertise. These offer immediate promotion as in just a day we achieved nearly 100 views of our guide from one of the sites we uploaded on.

If you haven’t already please check out our Google Algorithms Guide for all the latest information on how your search rankings are being affected. And look out for more of our useful guides in the near future!

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18 February 2014

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