A day in the life of an SEO specialist

A day in the life of an SEO specialist

It’s 0855, I’ve visited the Nespresso machine and I’m looking through my emails to see the latest rankings reports for our clients. Today is a good day with some major climbs for some important keywords. A few minor slides as well which will make their way into the plan for the day.

Amongst the numerous emails that have come in are various industry emails regarding the latest news from Google, expert news and views, all of which have to be digested and important snippets carried forward for discussion in the daily catch-up briefing with the rest of the team.

Wind forward to mid-morning and I’m in a meeting for a New Social Media project bringing a pause to the analytical work of SEO and a change of gear to the creative world of Facebook Cover images, content marketing and background images. The client is launching a new card game so the meeting is a mixture of developers, creatives and marketers.

A rare sunny day means lunch with colleagues in the park situated just 2 minutes from the office and a chance to clear the head for a busy afternoon of reports and proposals. I’ve been working on an initial SEO optimisation plan for a new client and the document is in final draft. It’s a bit more of a challenge than the usual project as it covers a large number of domains but the challenge is rewarding.

For the last bit of the day it’s time to update all the plans for the week, finish some blog posts, set some reports running and send off a few completed summaries to clients. 5.30 arrives and its time to make the most of the weather!

07 June 2013

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