7 Steps to Setting up an SEO Campaign – Part 2

7 Steps to Setting up an SEO Campaign – Part 2

Following last week’s blog post ‘7 Steps to Setting up an SEO Campaign – Part 1’, here is the second and final part of the steps to take when setting up an SEO campaign.

What does Google think your keywords are?

This information can be found within Google Webmaster Tools. It’s useful as it shows you what Google sees as being the most significant keywords when crawling your site. There will usually be irrelevant keywords in there such as ‘news’. This is because ‘news’ is appearing on the site more than important keywords. By optimising the website for its keywords this will therefore reduce the significance of these unrelated keywords.

What are the search volumes for your keywords?

Google Adwords Keyword Planner – the recent replacement for Googles Keyword Tool. It’s more accurate and also takes into account people searching from tablets and mobiles as well as desktops and laptops. Depending on the client we would typically look at the monthly search volumes in the UK and globally. This is when you find out whether some of your keywords should be scrapped as no one is searching for them. This tool also suggests other related keywords that are being searched for, giving you more ideas for keywords to target.

Strategy planning

This is when we pull together all of the information that we have found to start making a plan of action for our SEO campaign. We set our campaign objective of what we want to achieve with this campaign. Then we set our tactics of how we are going to do this. Finally we specify how we are going to measure our success, a big part of this will be to see how we have progressed since the start of the campaign using the figures we noted down before the campaign started.

So there you have our 7 steps to setting up an SEO campaign. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you regarding SEO then please get in touch.

21 August 2013

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