7 key considerations when designing a website landing page

7 key considerations when designing a website landing page

One of the tasks that we routinely perform for our clients as well as ourselves is designing and building a website landing page. These are usually for an Adwords or email campaign and are designed to generate warm leads that can be converted into prospects.

Often they are stand alone pages which sit outside of the main website and may even have their own domain specially set-up. Regardless of how they sit alongside your existing web assets, there are some key considerations when designing them and this blog post aims to highlight the key areas that you need to bear in mind.

  1. Brand – Whilst the page may sit outside of your corporate website, it is not an excuse to ignore your brand and key guidelines. Rules such as use of templates and other elements may be bent or even ignored but important factors such as the use of the logo should remain sacrosanct. Get your logo on the page and make sure you carefully consider your colour pallet
  2. Strong, simple and relevant headline – grab attention with a title that is relevant to whatever made the visitor click on the associated link in the first place or risk a high drop off rate
  3. Legible and clean copy – Don’t drop to a tiny font size or write complicated copy whilst you’re still engaging with the visitor. Make your message clear and concise
  4. Eye catching image – Use a relevant image that reinforces your message and grabs and retains attention
  5. Call to action – What is the main objective for the page? Create a relevant button, make sure it is not overshadowed by other on-page elements and is placed in the right location. Think about testing various formats to see what works. If the objective is for them to view a video or interact in some other way, make sure that you have the relevant tracking in place on the page to measure the outcome
  6. Grab that data – you’ve got them on the page and now is your opportunity to capture their details. Collect what you need with a clear and obvious form and no more. Too many barriers to entry and people will simply drop off the page
  7. Thank You page – You need to let the visitor know that their action has been successfully completed and confirm any next steps. This page is also the opportunity to get them to do something else such as visit your Facebook page or subscribe to a newsletter as well as measuring your all important campaign metrics!

 These are what we believe to be the key considerations to take into account when building a website landing page. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list and if you have any additional areas or suggestions that you would like to share with us then we would very much welcome your comments.

27 November 2013

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