5 Steps to Setting up a Social Media Campaign – Part 1

5 Steps to Setting up a Social Media Campaign – Part 1

Last week was a busy week on the social media front as the deadline loomed for the launch of a brand new game ‘Sense of Identity’ from GW Games. As the project launch agency, Red Ant Solutions were asked to design a social media campaign around the launch to give it the biggest impact possible.

I thought I would share with you the major steps that we took in designing this social media campaign:

1. Establishing the campaign objectives

There are two main objectives to the campaign- to raise awareness of this brand new game and then to educate them to give them an understanding of what the game is about and why they should buy it. The game is primarily aimed at general consumers, i.e. families and groups of friends and games club members.

2. Competitor research

We looked at major game brands such as Monopoly and Uno to see how they were positioning themselves, and what sort of content they were producing on their social media accounts. Mainly these brands were posting daily content on both Facebook and Twitter. Much of the content posted were bright images that related to the games.  Many of them also held competitions on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3. Strategy

Using the competitor research we planned to use images as our primary content as these produce the most interaction. We also decided to run a Facebook competition just after the launch of the game to generate interest and build the GW games online community. When setting up the profiles we provided as much information about the game as possible along with a link to the GW games website. In addition, we created and uploaded branded artwork for both Facebook and Twitter, i.e. profile pictures, a Facebook cover photo and a Twitter background.

That's it for part 1! Next week I will be posting Part 2 which completes the 5 steps to setting up a social media campaign. It covers the Facebook competition that we are currently holding and the future plans for this campaign. In the meantime, please have a look at the GW Games Facebook Page and GW Games Twitter page.

12 July 2013

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