4 SEO Tips for Website Owners

4 SEO tips for website owners

There are some fundamental day-to-day tips that website owners can adopt to get help improve their rankings and support a more detailed SEO campaign. With these 4 tips from our helpful marketing agency in Surrey any company will be well on their way up the Google ranks. Is your website ready for a great SEO campaign?

1 Be Visible

Stop traffic bouncing off your website. Don’t delete pages or change a URL as this will create a 404 (not found error message). Pages can be redirected using a 301 (permanent URL redirection) and this saves current traffic being lost which will affect your search engine ranking.

2 Stay Current

Adding fresh and engaging content to your website by use of a blog will keep your site current. Each blog post can be engaging with a share or like button to a social media site and linking internally can push traffic to important areas in your site from your blog. Updated content also gives Google a chance to get a better understanding of the page content and can therefore direct more suitable searches to your page. 

3 Being Accessible

Have a responsive site so that your webpage can be accessed from any device. With mobiles and tablets being increasingly used for online searching, websites have to keep up and respond to all screens so that your website keeps traffic flowing. Our Website design service delivers current and responsive websites ready for use on all devices. 

4 Get To The Top

With one of our SEO packages we can take the reins of your website and quickly move it up the ranks. This will enable you to move ahead of the competition and deliver excellent results for your business.

Get up to date with the latest responsive website design to optimise your search engine potential and gain more visitors to your company’s website by getting in touch via our Contact us page to discuss our SEO options. 

By Ella Mumford 15 May 2015

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