4 Essential Tips for Harnessing Facebook

4 Essential Tips for Harnessing Facebook

One of the easiest parts of using Facebook as one of your Social Media channels is setting up the profile. After that you need to keep the channel ticking along, doing its job and creating a digital community of fans.

There is a lot said about the various Do's and Don'ts of marketing on Facebook but I thought I'd take a few minutes to put together a short list of 4 of the essentials that are often overlooked. If you don't follow them your channel won't work and you and your fans are likely to lose interest pretty quickly.

So here they are.

  1. Listen. Don't plan to use your Facebook page just as a means to push your message. Take time to listen, learn and respond to comments and posts. Facebook pages that do this well will usually perform better than those that don't.
  2. Engage. On Facebook you are competing with friends and other brands for attention so your content has got be good and give value to the reader! Facebook Apps are a great way to add engagement with user generated content, competitions and interactive galleries all being great examples of how to engage with the audience. Remember that engagement is a major factor in EdgeRank which affects how and if Facebook displays your content.
  3. Stay fresh. If you can't keep your website news section or blog updated are you ready for Social Media? A new profile set-up with enthusiasm but then left to gather dust reflects poorly on a business and its credibility. We can help you with a content plan either as a one-off at the start or on a rolling basis.
  4. Measure. It's easy to get carried away with simply monitoring your new Likes but there's more to metrics than this. Reach, EdgeRank, 'Talking About This', external referrers, engagement and even 'unlikes' are all good examples of important metrics to monitor. These will all help you make the right decisions.

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04 December 2012

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