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As part of the move towards a new CMS based website our client wanted to be able to update their existing website and ensure that the website displayed perfectly within all desktop browsers and mobile devices. For the desktop browser compatibility RAS would take the existing page designs and bring the technical elements up to current standards whilst for the mobile users a whole new set of mobile specific templates would be required to make initiating contact and accessing information fast and straight forward.


With the first part of the project to import the existing desktop designs into our CMS we set about creating new mobile specific templates that when the relevant device was detected would serve up page templates optimised for that device. In reality this means clearing the pages of all desktop specific content and strip the content back to what mobile users would be looking for. The branding remained via appropriate styling and the main image but elements such as navigation, calls to action and dynamic elements were all addressed to optimise the mobile experience. At the foot of the page a link to view the ‘full site’ remained for those users who prefer to experience the desktop version.


Since the launch of the new website with mobile specific templates for pad and mobile users, we have seen significant growth in visits from this segment of visitors as well as time spent on the site. The website is easily navigated on a small device and quickly and efficiently provides the information that the business users are searching for whilst still projecting the brand and its values. The client does not need to make any considerations for mobile users whilst updating the website so there is no additional overhead or complications. End users simply see a more professional and targeted page adding to the sense of credibility and smoothing the flow along the journey to becoming a new customer.

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