Sense of Identity (Mobile & Responsive design)


Our client had a brand new game to promote. As an agency we were responsible for the entire marketing of the game and a major part of that was the website which was also the sole point of purchase at launch. With a strategy based on social media and mobile it was important that the website was optimised for all devices and browsers. The website design also had to match and amplify the catchy packaging that the agency had developed for the game.


To achieve this we designed and built the website using responsive design techniques meaning that the page adjusted to suit the size of the screen. No more need for seperate mobile templates, just one website and set of templates. With strong calls to action prompting purchases and a supporting social media campaign to build interest and drive traffic the microsite was set to deliver on all objectives.


The resulting website not only looked and worked great in desktop browsers but also provided an optimised experience for mobile and tablet users - in fact any screen size including resized desktop browsers. With the consumer being clearly presented with the games benefits and facts they could make an informed decision and click on the easily found PayPal purchase button.


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